miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2012


Unfortunately, nothing possitive can be said about the participation of Ecuador in the Olympics. No medal was won and the only sportsmen who had a good participation, Alex Quiñonez, achieved it although the extreme negligence of the Ecuadorian Sports Ministery and of the Ecuadorian Olympic commitee.

Corruption takes places, and although millions of USD are directed to sports institutions, evil thieves gather the money for their own personal benefit. It is an insult for all those talents who get wasted due to the lack of support. We could have much better results if our sportsmen would have coaches, nutricionists, etc. But instead they struggle with a miserable budget to afford the high costs of elite level competition.
It was really shameful to see how a Ecuadorian sportswomen was almost dequalified due to the bad state of her uniform meanwhile we all now the big amounts of money that the institutions suppossed to finance them receive. 

Olympic games should bring pride to the people, make us feel glad about our country and entertain us, but in the case of Ecuadorians we should all feel anger for the total lack of committement and of patriotism that people in charge of sports have.

London 2012 was a clear proof of this problem that has enormous dimensions, and was slightly camouflaged by the triumphs of Jeferson Perez, but now that his career is over, there are no exceptions to the rule and almost all of our athlets were disqualified on very early stages. 

Carlos Miranda

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